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Go with ELLS International

Why Go?

If you have a heart for global missions and have received theological training (primarily pastors/professors), we encourage you to apply to join ELLS International on a short-term trip. We also encourage you to apply if you are currently pursuing a theological degree of some kind (Masters of Divinity, Masters of Theology, doctorate, etc.) and considering a vocational call to full-time missions. If you are sensing a call to pastor in U.S. or serve in the academy, a trip with ELLS International might be a way for you to see how short-term missions can impact your future teaching ministry and scholarship.

International travel can be emotionally and physically fatiguing, not to mention risky and dangerous (at times). However, witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit in other cultures and taking part in Christ’s Great Commission is both encouraging and faith-building. Whatever your motivation, be sure to prayerfully “count the cost” as you considering taking an international mission trip. One thing is for sure:

You will never look at your life and the world around you the same!

Will You Go?

If you are interested in applying for a trip with ELLS International, please be sure to first review our vision and faith statement.​

Then fill out the ELLS Trip Application in its entirety and email it to

You will never look at your life and the world around you the same!

“We praise the LORD who has enabled us to partner with ELLS International to equip, train, and teach the Shepherd of God on how to feed the flock. We realize we are not alone, but we have people like you who care. Since most of our pastors have no formal bible training, ELLS has come to fill the gap, to be a resource and encourager. By targeting the rural pastor, ELLS training has given the confidence to stand behind the pulpit. Is there any other way to fulfill the Great Commission than this? It is our prayer that God lets us all partner in prayer and financial support to uphold ELLS International that it might fulfill its divine mandate.”